Busy Days

I am sure you have busy days – perhaps days when there is so much to do and things go wrong.  Often one tiny disaster after another colours our day and makes us feel that God must have forgotten us.  I don’t actually remember when I wrote this poem, but it must have been after one of those days.  Persevere through the first three verses – and be blessed by the final one.  If this describes your day today, perhaps things will improve if you stop for a while and just listen.  God bless you

Busy Day

Today was very busy, Lord,

The kids were late, the car had stalled.

My husband left without his lunch

But took my keys – yes, the whole bunch!

Then my computer lost a file;

That kept me busy quite a while,

Where were You when I called Your Name?

Ah well … I managed just the same.


And later I had quite a fright,

Workers marching – what a sight.

The shops were empty – no one there –

It really gave me quite a scare.

I went to fetch the kids from class,

Then dropped the eggs and smashed a glass.

Where were You when I needed You?

Ah well … I managed to pull through.


It was a day of rushing round.

But Lord, You never made a sound

When I was busy, angry, scared.

Lord, I really thought You cared.

But as I stumbled into bed

A tiny thought grew in my head.

Lord, where were you in my day?

And then I heard a calm voice say:



You have been so rushed throughout this day that’s gone.

Yes, you called Me every now and then, but then you hurried on.

Beloved, I was waiting patiently the whole day through

For you to stop and listen so I could talk to you.

I knew where that lost file was but you never stopped to hear;

And when I saw your terror I shed a thousand tears

For My open arms were empty, but you turned away from Me

In your effort to get out of there, to run away, to flee.

Beloved Child, I love you and the longing in My heart

Is that you’ll draw aside awhile so I can do My part,

And tell you that I love you – you’re a special Child of Mine –

So you are filled with joy and peace and love that is divine;

Then you can touch this hurting world and heal them of their pain

With wisdom, love, compassion that I’ll pour on you like rain.

But first you need to draw aside, beloved Daughter, Son,

So I can whisper to you and we two can work as One.


About Mandy Hackland

My love in life is to encourage others to deepen their relationship with God. I write devotional material, stories and small group studies with that in mind. I live in South Africa and also love spending time in the bush, bird watching and walking. I do live in the city but make the most of the green spaces that surround me.
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