Servant Maid

I have written poetry for God for almost twenty years now.  This was one of the early poems I wrote, which perhaps sowed the seeds for later writings and which gave me the courage to explore more thoroughly both my writing and my faith.  I later adapted this poem into a story.

As we approach Christmas day, may you enjoy this encounter with the Baby and may He smile on you this year is a very special way.

Servant Maid

I am a lowly servant maid working down at the local inn

My job is hard and poorly paid and I am hungry, small and thin.

And yet, today, to my surprise, these things don’t matter now I find,

For I, last night, did feast my eyes on th’infant Saviour of mankind.


‘Twas yesterday, just after noon, in wind and cold, and drifting snow

A young girl in our yard did swoon and yet, her face was all aglow.

They’d travelled far, she and her man. We could see she was great with child

Towards the busy inn he ran; His eyes were frightened, dazed and wild.


‘Please may we have a room’ he cried, ‘My wife is ill, she needs to rest’

We did not have a room inside; each room was taken by a guest.

The innkeeper began to say there was no room for them, no bed,

Then changed his mind, said they could stay inside the wooden cattle shed.


When it was dark I took some food to this young couple in the byre

There lying in a manger crude a Babe was sleeping by the fire.

But straightway I could tell that this was not an ordinary baby boy

For as I watched the mother kiss her Babe, the night rang out with joy.


With joy the angels sang of peace; with joy the star did brightly shine;

With joy the shepherds gave their fleece; with joy, the kings their gifts so fine.

Yes all these things did happen when I knelt beside that Babe so small

And joy does fill my heart again each time I do that scene recall.


For as I knelt beside that Child, He woke and opened eyes so bright,

So full of love, so meek, so mild, so wise, they seemed to pierce the night.

They also pierced my soul right through; it seems so strange, so very odd

And yet I’ve no doubt that its true, I seen the Christ, the Son of God.


The infant Saviour of mankind born to bring peace to me on earth

And I rejoice, for I did find myself a witness to His birth.

The prophecies of old have been as prophets told, fulfilled today

And I have touched; and I have seen, the Christ-child sleeping in the hay.


Oh, people of the world, unite and share with me the joy I feel

Christ has the power, whate’er your plight, to give you life, to free, to heal.

So come tonight, rejoice and sing.  Join angels, kings, shepherds and me;

Lift up your voice, let heaven ring in praise and love and unity.


May God bless you richly as you prepare for Christmas – however you may celebrate it in 2015.

About Mandy Hackland

My love in life is to encourage others to deepen their relationship with God. I write devotional material, stories and small group studies with that in mind. I live in South Africa and also love spending time in the bush, bird watching and walking. I do live in the city but make the most of the green spaces that surround me.
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