Not too much of an introduction today.  The writing, I think, is self-explanatory!


From time to time it is difficult to know what to write.  I have been busy with other things and the devotions I usually use for this weekly post for Discovering the Rainbows have been neglected.  It is not so much a case of writer’s block as the discipline to sit and write something that will speak into the heart and soul of whoever may read it.  Today is one of those times.

Change lies ahead for me.  In fact it is probably true to say that, rather than just ‘change’ the word I should use is ‘changes’.  I feel deep peace about this.  I have spent time praying and I believe God is with me in the decisions I have been making.  I know that what will happen in the next few months will be part of His plan for me.

At the moment I am experiencing a waiting time, (kainos, they call it in theological terms) when new, fresh things are being developed, often behind the scenes.  I can’t see them forming.  But it is such a time of inactivity that I feel I am being shaped for something new.  Perhaps the ‘me that has been’ would not be able to cope with whatever the ‘me that will be’ needs to handle.  Perhaps there are small experiences lying ahead that will give me the courage or determination to move forward in God’s greater plan for me, rather than stagnate through fear or uncertainty.  Maybe this is a time when God is building my faith, my trust, my dependence on Him.  Whatever it is, it seems to me to be a time of inactivity.

Yes, there is peace.  But there is also storm.

Do you know the story of the duck, floating serenely on the pond?  All seems quiet on the surface but underneath that little duck is paddling like crazy – and people laugh fondly as they envisage the pretty duck apparently calm but working hard.

Well, events at this moment are out of my hands.  I can do nothing to move any of them forward.  And I feel a little bit like that duck.  But not as she glides serenely around her pond – rather as she dives down, into the murky water to seek something for her lunch.  For then all we can see are her yellow, webbed feet splashing frantically as she scrabbles around on the bottom.  Yes, deep peace but a storm of frenzied (and in my case ineffective) activity, whipping up the surface of the water.

So daily, and sometimes hourly, I place my future in God’s hands.  The timing is His.  I can do nothing to hurry things along.  And I know that the timing will be perfect.  Life will unfold as it is intended, if only I will trust Him.

Sometimes, not knowing what to write about is a good thing.  It helps to clarify my mind and put things into perspective when all I can write is the dilemma I face.  Perhaps it has helped you too, if you can relate to the little duck on the pond.  What is your storm?  How deep is your peace?

May you put your hand in the hand of the One who knows the way and wait with Him as He works things out behind the scenes for you.

God bless you.


About Mandy Hackland

My love in life is to encourage others to deepen their relationship with God. I write devotional material, stories and small group studies with that in mind. I live in South Africa and also love spending time in the bush, bird watching and walking. I do live in the city but make the most of the green spaces that surround me.
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