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Here is this week’s Christian poetry:

Simple pleasures.  Sometimes they are the ones that speak more clearly of the love of God than those that have been anticipated and awaited for many months.  The unexpected delight of finding a place which offers not only good food but peace and beauty as well, was a joy for both myself and my friend as we drove through remote hills and passed glorious lakes.  We returned there as often as we could for it provided sustenance for both body and soul


The sign said ‘Home baking and fresh coffee’.  How could we resist such an invitation?  We pulled off the road onto the small parking area and crossed to the little cottage with the open door.

‘I can’t get the right programme.’  The rich country accent floated out of the room to our right in answer to our call of ‘hello’.

‘It won’t stay put!’  The lady whom we correctly presumed was our hostess was fiddling with a small TV set.  ‘I’ll be with you soon.’

And we stood and waited until she managed to find the approximation of a picture.  She snorted in disgust and turned and smiled.

‘What can I do for you?’ Her voice, suddenly professional, was full of welcome.

We had had time to look around the small room in which we were standing.  A kitchen table, covered in small trays with teapots and cups and saucers laid ready for customers, took up most of the room.  Evidence of completed washing up, the dishes sparkling; plates piled high with home-made scones; shelves of jam and honey, and generous tea cups suggested the bounty of the meal that we would receive.

We had seen others eating on the lawn across the road and we suspected, correctly it turned out, there would be few places to eat between here and the end of the road where the ferry left for the next island.  We ordered sandwiches and a large pot of tea.

‘Sit over there, at the tables or the loungers,’ she said, ‘and I’ll call you when it’s ready.’

We strolled across the quiet road and chose loungers where we settled comfortably, drinking in the beauty of the scene before us.  The surface of the loch was ruffled by a light, cool breeze; oystercatchers vied for space on the ‘right’ rock with mallards and gulls.  Swallows darted and, in the distance, in the woods behind us, a cuckoo called.

‘Your tea is ready.’  The call broke the silence and we realised we needed to fetch our lunch.  The tray was laden with two generous plates of sandwiches, and a huge pot of tea.  When we poured it, it was the colour of the peat that stained the water off the hills.

Gentle conversation with our fellow diners accompanied the meal.  They were cyclists, young people who had spent the long weekend cycling around the island.  They had 25 miles to go to the ferry before returning home to the mainland.  It seemed a long way to us on a bike, but they called cheerful farewells and set off, waving goodbye to us and chatting to one another, thoroughly enjoying their adventure.

‘The scones are good,’ they had told us.  And so we ordered one between us, fetching it from our hostess across the road.  It was good;full of fruit and we covered it in butter and rhubarb jam and cream and sat in the sunshine indulging ourselves wth the simple pleasures of life.

That small, remote cottage gave us a feast fit for a king in a place that sang of the magnificence of the King of kings and we revelled in the peace that was a gift – from both our hostess and our Creator.

.  It was a place of rest and refreshment and, even now, as I picture it in my mind, I feel the warm glow that surrounded me.  Simple pleasures – life-long memories.


About Mandy Hackland

My love in life is to encourage others to deepen their relationship with God. I write devotional material, stories and small group studies with that in mind. I live in South Africa and also love spending time in the bush, bird watching and walking. I do live in the city but make the most of the green spaces that surround me.
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  1. Jill nightingale says:

    I just love this….such memories! “The lady with a floppy hat”!!! Love Jxxx

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