New Ground

I am home again and life is changing. No longer will little ones run through the gate in my garden and be in another world as they used to. There are no dragons to slay, no courtiers to bow to the knight, no rivers to ford, or adventures to be had. When they return, they will be big enough to know that the magic gate is just a gate.

Goodbye, goodbye.

And I join the throngs of parents around the world who bid loved ones farewell as they venture to new lands and I turn to go home to an empty house.

 “You have no idea the plans I have for you.” These were the words Jesus said to me earlier in the year.

Yet some days I have qualms. Am I doing the right thing moving home to a new area at my age? Some have expressed their own doubts about the wisdom of such a decision. Is this the right thing to do, the right place to go, the right time to leave? Questions bumble around in my head.

But wait. What’s this? I am not alone for here at the moment of turning is my Lord. As always He is present. As always He comforts. But today there is a challenge for me too as He speaks to me again.

Go and break new ground. You can expect opposition. Be bold, confident and strong. I have called you. The task is beyond you so you must rely on Me alone, and on My power. Go in the power of the Holy Spirit and you will not, cannot fail.”

And as I unlock my front door and go into my home which I expect to be silent, my world resonates with songs of praise to my God. Alone? Maybe in some people’s eyes. But not mine, for My God is here and all is well.

He is right. I have no idea what plans He has for me. But that’s okay, for it is exciting to watch them unfold and to discover where He is going to lead me next. So I put my hand in His and know that we will venture out and break new ground together in His time.

How can I not feel joy when He is with me? Praise the Lord, oh my soul, and all that is within me, praise His holy name!

About Mandy Hackland

My love in life is to encourage others to deepen their relationship with God. I write devotional material, stories and small group studies with that in mind. I live in South Africa and also love spending time in the bush, bird watching and walking. I have moved to the coast and am enjoying the green spaces and beautiful vistas that surround me, reminding me of God's grace every day.
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2 Responses to New Ground

  1. Jill Nightingale says:

    Hi Mandy, This is heart rending but also lovely to read and full of hope.

    I am sending this sitting alone on a cruise ship where we are anchored just off the tiny island of Bornholm in Denmark. I am alone because 95% have gone on shore but I had a terrible headache through the night…almost a migraine, but not quite. So I am finally up , having taken till about 11.00 to get going.

    I think I picked up a virus on the short flight from Gatwick to Edinburgh, to where we had flown last Friday….then 2 days drive through Scotland up to Aberdeen where we boarded.

    Anyway….the places we are stopping at are truly lovely…..but I just wish I could be feeling a bit better.

    Trust you enjoyed your time in Knysna. Did you look at any properties? Any news on the house sale?

    Sending love Jillx

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