Ascension Day – repost

I have posted this poem before, but it is such a triumphant one I thought it may bring a little joy and wonder in these challenging times. It was one of those poems that seem to be dictated and I just recorded the words. I pray it will bless you today.

The Home-Coming

The Home-Coming

The halls of Heaven were silent.  Barely breathing, the saints,
Some newly arrived, some old hands, watched the scene below.
Angel wings slowed to a heartbeat
As if the anticipated excitement was too much for movement.
Every gaze was locked on the hillside
Where men milled around, where women wandered
And children chased each other, caught up in the moment.
As one, Heaven gasped,
And one young saint, too excited to stay quiet any longer
Whispered ‘Here He comes!’
Noise and light grew stronger as the whisper turned to shouts of joy
And the light, which was the glory of God,
Pulsated to a rhythm known only to the Father.
And He came.  Ascended, risen Lord,
The Son of God, the Darling of Heaven!
Now the halls of Heaven rang with Hallelujahs!
Angels turned somersaults and sang praises,
Saints young and old shouted greetings;
And Jesus stood, inside the gates of iridescent pearl;
And smiled.
He stood – and gently the noise grew soft and faded;
All movement ceased; and silence reigned;
But the light – the glory of God – grew ever brighter;
Until neither saint nor angel could bear to look;
And in the brightness, footsteps could be heard
As God the Father stepped forward,
Arms open wide.  With a strong embrace and tears of joy
He greeted His Beloved
‘Welcome home, my Son.’

About Mandy Hackland

My love in life is to encourage others to deepen their relationship with God. I write devotional material, stories and small group studies with that in mind. I live in South Africa and also love spending time in the bush, bird watching and walking. I have moved to the coast and am enjoying the green spaces and beautiful vistas that surround me, reminding me of God's grace every day.
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