Tell them …

Some time ago I was feeling frustrated that I was not able to continue with some of the ministries in which I had been so active previously. A change of location and a pandemic had put paid to the activities I loved.

So I asked God what was going to happen. How could He use me now? And He told me to tell others about Him.

That’s when I serialised my novel, Forerunners, which you can find in earlier posts on this blog.

Nothing much has changed. Whilst I can now go out and meet people, I have not been to very main places where I can do so. I have made friends here in my new home, and I am grateful for every one of them, but the active ministry is still on hold.

But God has not changed His command to tell others. As the readership of my blog has grown with the serialisation of Forerunners, I now feel that God is telling me serialise my other novels to spread their reach around the world. All of them are based on Scripture and tell the stories of Jesus so many of us are familiar with. But then there are some who are reading who may not know the stories very well. So from next week, I will start with the serialisation of my first novel Witnesses, which tells the stories of Jesus’ ministry through the eyes of those who were there. I pray that those who are reading for the first time may meet Jesus in a new way and draw closer to Him as a result of the stories. And for those who have already read the book, may you be blessed by it anew as you consider the life of Jesus and all that He did. We may not have witnessed these things ourselves, but the stories are real and we can learn from them if we give them the time to hear.

Jesus says to us, ‘Listen’, and then go and tell. This is what I did. I listened to the stories in a new way, wrote down what I heard, and am now ‘going’ to others through the medium of this blog that they too may hear the Good News of Jesus Christ.

May you be blessed by them all.

The Prologue will start next week.

God bless you

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