You are Invited

Praise the Lord. Blessed are those who fear the Lord who find great delight in His commands. Psalm 112:1

Today you are invited to consider how you feel about God’s commands. Do they fill you with joy or do you find them disconcerting? Why? What is He commanding you to do at this time that makes you feel uncertain? What is He urging you to do that you know is beyond you? How do you feel about taking that first step of faith and following His command? Where do you need His help – in this or in any other area of your life? Take some time today and tell Him about it. Don’t just name it but explain your hopes and fears and any doubts you may have. Be explicit. Then listen for His reply. Make a note in your journal how you feel after you have heard God’s reply. What has changed?

May God bless you as you take a step of faith with Him today.

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