The Easter Story:

Meditations in Poetry and Prose

The Easter Story is a collection of poetry and prose that I have written over the years around the Easter theme. In 2019 I was inspired to express my love for Jesus in images too, and, just as Easter Week closed I was given the idea of collating all I had done. This book is the result. From Palm Sunday to the Resurrection, Easter is celebrated within its pages. My prayer is that you will draw closer to Jesus as you meditate on the contents.

Hope through Dark Valleys_Cover_1600x2400pix_300dpiHope through Dark Valleys:

God’s Intimate Support for Carers of Loved Ones

with Life-threatening Illness

  • Hope Through Dark Valleys will not give you all the answers when you find yourself in the challenging position of having to care for a member of your family with a serious, potentially life-threatening illness.

Every person’s story is different, and everyone deals with such situations in their own way.

Hope Through Dark Valleys has been written with the prayer that it will encourage you, the Carer, and help you connect with God as you face the challenges every day presents.  May it help you to discover God’s presence for yourself and your loved ones in the days ahead.  God is faithful, and no matter what your future holds He will be there for you … always.


The God’s People Series

Parable People

Parable People: A Taster for the God's People Series by [Hackland, Mandy] Parable People offers a taste of the books in the God’s People series.
So often we read familiar passages in the Bible and never think about the people who were there, who were impacted by the miracles that Jesus did and the stories he told. What was it like to be there? What happened to the families of those who were healed, or who heard the lessons Jesus taught? How would I have felt if I had been sitting on a hillside listening to this teacher until the sun sank below the hills and I was tired and hungry? Would it have been worth the time spent?
Whilst the full-length books in the series give accounts of the actual events recorded in Scripture, Parable People contains a fresh look at two parables Jesus told to the people who followed him. Are these stories relevant to us today? The stories are told from the people who inhabit them. Both of them have been linked to 21st century incidents (as indeed all the books in the series are).
My prayer for Parable People is that you will enjoy these imaginative accounts of Scripture stories, and that, as you read them, you may encounter Jesus Christ in a fresh way.


51z0e7oq2bjlHave you ever wondered what impact Jesus had on those who witnessed him in action?  What impression did he make on those he met?  Witnesses is an imaginative account where unknown personalities share the stories of their encounters with the Son of God, and reveal to us how their lives changed as a result.  Through their personal testimonies, you too may meet Jesus in a fresh way. Witnesses is the first in the series God’s People




Disciples: Further fresh encounters with familiar Gospel stories (God's People Book 2) by [Hackland, Mandy]Twelve ordinary men with families and problems.  Townsmen, farmers, fishermen.  These were the disciples living their everyday lives, just as we live ours today.  But then they met Jesus and their world turned upside down.  What happened behind the scenes as they followed him?  Disciples is a fictional account of their personal stories.  Perhaps you too will meet Jesus in a fresh way as they share their journey with you. Disciples is the second in the series God’s People



Believers (God's People Book 3) by [Hackland, Mandy] Who were the people who joined the early church? What were their struggles and joys as they followed Jesus Christ in their world? How can their stories help us? Believers imaginatively looks at the challenges faced by early church members, from Acts to Revelation, and the way God helped them to triumph. As you read, it may be that some of these challenges are not too different from your own. And maybe, you too will be able to overcome them with the help of the Lord Jesus Christ as you encounter Him in fresh ways. Believers is the third in the series God’s People.




An Interlude with God

51bqey0xvflIs your life very hectic?  Is God being sidelined by all the demands placed on you?  Do you want to draw closer to Him?

An Interlude with God invites you to set aside time once a week to spend with God. Every Interlude encourages you, the reader to pause for a while and seek God’s presence in your life; to make a note of where you discover Him, and to pray for a deepening of your relationship with Him.  Here is an opportunity for you to open your eyes to the world around you; to open your ears to the still small voice of God, and to be blessed.  He is here now, waiting for you to begin.

 Daily Devotionals

You are Invited

You are Invited is a popular daily devotional that is circulated on this blog.  But many people do not want to follow a blog and so it has been prepared as a series of twelve e-books that are accessible in many formats for you to have on the move – even when you do not have access to the internet, once you have downloaded them.  Each day there is a Scripture verse, some questions and a prayer of blessing as you consider how that particular Scripture is relevant to your life.  Hard copies will be available soon.

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