You are Invited

One day Jesus said to His disciples, ‘Let us go over to the other side of the lake.’ Luke 8:22

Today you are invited to consider the invitations Jesus gives you. What is He inviting you to do at the moment? Maybe you need to make life changes; or call a friend. Perhaps you need to stop doing something, or begin something new. Maybe He is saying ‘rest’ or ‘go’. Perhaps you feel He is asking you to do something that is beyond your capability, or that you are reluctant to try. But maybe you are keen to ‘give it a go with Jesus’. How are you feeling? What is He saying to you? He did not invite us to stay where we are but to go, to care, to heal, to help. Speak to Him about these things today – even if you don’t think there is an invitation – perhaps you have just not heard it yet. Make a note of what you hear Him say to you so you can refer back to it in later days.

May God bless you as you respond to His invitations and follow Him.

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