For You

Here is a prayer for you – may you rejoice in God as you read it and, I pray, pray it for yourself.

Lord God,
There is such joy in trusting You;
In giving You our lives,
Our doubts and fears,
The uncertainty of our future,
And leaving all these problems
There in Your hands            
Knowing there is no better place for them or for us.
Lord God,
You have always held us
Close to You, though sometimes
We were unable to see You
Or feel You
Because we were so busy
Doing our own thing.
Make us aware now
Of Your presence
In every area of our lives.
Lord God,
I thank You for Your love
For us,
For all the gifts You give us.
Gifts of sight and taste, smell
And touch and hearing.
Thank You for the gift of words
Poured out with such a flow of love
However meagre and feeble they
May seem.
Lord God,
Every gift is given for a reason
And if in future years You wish to use my passion,
The gift you have given me,
Then please use me for
I am thrilled at last to find
A reason to do what I enjoy,
And so express my love
For You.
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