There’s such a choice, you see. I dither. Left or right, top or bottom. I am grateful to the lady in front of me with three children who take their time making such an important decision.

White chocolate laced with raspberries and coulis, double chocolate with glistening chunks, a bright green concoction calling itself ‘mint’ but which I fear, although I may be wrong, will taste of toothpaste. I make my choice and take my prize to enjoy at leisure, sitting on an empty bench overlooking the bay.

The wind has strengthened and sailing boats scud across the glistening water which sparkles in the lowering sun. Clouds have gathered and the sea is grey now, its glorious blue having faded away.

One ferry leaves bearing its load of sunburnt weary travelers. There are a couple of moments silence when just the splash of waves and the cry of gulls can be heard until another ferry hoves into sight and a crowd disembarks. It does not tarry but pulls away and once again leaving peace.

I lick my fingers like an enthusiastic four year old and smile as I catch sight of my purple lips in a window as I turn to go inside to wash hands and mouth.

For I had chosen plum and crème fraiche ice cream in a sugar cone.  I know, I know. All that sugar and carbs; all that colouring and flavouring. But I am not young any more – not in years anyway – and part of the fun of growing older is sometimes doing things that are not good for you!

So as I go to rinse my sticky hands and wash away the evidence from my face I remember the lady who said “When I grow old I shall wear purple.” And I nod and smile and wonder to myself whether there will be such delectable ice cream in heaven.

But then, would heaven be heaven I find myself thinking, perhaps somewhat irreverently, if there was no ice cream? Could it possibly be part of the heavenly banquet that awaits us? Hmm. I wonder.

What do you think?

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