Witnesses – Chapter 7 cont’d


I could relate to Sammy too!  As I read I found myself chuckling at the narrator’s indignation when he discovered his ‘best friend’ had food but had not shared it; and his wonder at the way the disciples shared out the food; and his doubt that it would fill him up, so small was the portion.  (I remember the constant hunger when I was that age – raiding the fridge – never quite satisfied).  He was delighted at the taste of the delicious food.  What made it so special?  I thought about that a lot.  Was it because Jesus had touched it and blessed it?  And if his touch on mere food changed it so much, what would, could, it do for a man or a woman?  The longing inside me to know grew.  Yet there was concern too.  What would I have to give up to be touched by Jesus; to be changed by his smile?  Sammy gave up his supper.  His friends gave up their wild lifestyle.  Would Jesus ask me to make radical changes in my life too?  I enjoyed the fun I had with my friends.  I had many more years to study at the university and the hospital so did not want to give up my life-style to become straight-laced and narrow minded.

There was strong resistance within me to this idea.  Sighing and shaking my head, I read Benjamin’s note.



Sammy became the leader he was made to be when he met Jesus – leading his friends to help people rather than to cause mischief.

Asa also changed.  Although we have no reason to suspect that he was a bad man in any way, he knew what his future held.  It was mapped out for him. 

Until he met Jesus.

And then his whole world turned upside down! 

My boy, as you begin to study medicine , I am sure you will find the next story fascinating.  It is beyond my comprehension – and maybe yours too.  Yet I am beginning to feel that Jesus, the man, did exist in real life.  He walked and talked with these people. I am beginning to think that maybe, just maybe, there was more to him than mere humanity.  Perhaps he was the Son of David, about whom so many prophecies exist.  If this is the case then he is Yeshua, Messiah, whom the Gentiles call Jesus!  My heart trembles at the idea.  Messiah?  Have I, as a Jew, a member of the chosen people, been so far from God’s truth all these years?  Has Messiah already come?

I do not know.  But the idea niggles within me.

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